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Hackcoin London Post Event Summary

28 Jul Hackcoin London Post Event Summary

Last Friday the HackCoin event at the Barclays Accelerator in Notting Hill was a great success. In total, 5 teams pitched their ideas on ‘Identity and the Blockchain’. The Winning team (pictured below) was able to best bring forward a solution that met all of the criteria of the competition and went even further by providing a working code for their idea. It is our understanding that the team are meeting up again to see if they can pursue it further.

James Carlyle, Christiana Imafidon, Warren Puckett and Colin Platt: Winning Team

The event brought together many different and passionate participants who contributed with their varied skillsets to the competition. The result was a high quality mix of ideas being presented in front of the judging panel composed by Simon Taylor (Barclays Accelerator), Preston Byrne (Eris Industries) and Adam Vaziri (HackCoin).

The Runner Up of the competition was Charles Cai (pictured below with Yves Nicholson from Merkle Tree) who also developed a high quality idea surrounding big data and its interaction with identity on the blockchain. Charles has mentioned on Twitter that he will continue to build the idea.

Charles Cai: Runner Up

Preston Byrne from Eris Industries, the principal tech sponsor of the hackathon, speaking at the event said that participants “were thinking about privacy, thinking about data and thinking about utility. It was really refreshing to see technology for what it is and what it can do”.



Big thank to our attendees who came from far and wide to attend the event, especially Tim Pastoor who flew in from Amsterdam to build his identity system using Eris/NXT. Keep up to date with Tim’s 2WAY.IO blockchain ID system on Twitter.


James Suddaby from Identity2020, co-sponsor for the event offering a discretionary award consisting in an internship with the organisation, also felt that the event was a success. He went to say that “



Adam Vaziri (pictured left) co-organiser of the event was enthusiastic about the prospects for the future of HackCoin as a hackathon event in the blockchain space. Speaking at the event he said “our next focus for HackCoin will be to hold an event in Mumbai on the 1st August. After that we are planning an event in Malaysia hoping to involve those important emerging economies into the international blockchain space”.

Adam Vaziri, Ajit Nayar and Yves Nicholson: The HackCoin Team

Lastly, a big thank you to our sponsors for making this event possible in the first place. In particular, we would like to thank the Barclays Accelerator for providing us with their venue as well Eris Industries and NXT for providing the technology platform that participants used throughout the event. We would also like to thank AlphaPoint and Merkle Tree for contributing to the prize awards as well as Jetcoin, Factom, Groovix, Drachmae, Diacle, SuperNet and NXT. See you next time!

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